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Mallorca in January

Festes de Sant Sebastià, the patron saint of Palma.  Festes de Sant Antoni, the patron saint of animals.  These wildly fun celebrations last for two weeks every January.

Mallorca In January...


January is all about Festes de Sant Sebastià, the patron saint of Palma ... and Festes de Sant Antoni, the patron saint of Animals.  For 2 weeks, these two saints take center stage with cultural activities, bonfires, music concerts, the blessing of animals, and an island wide community BBQ where you can walk up to any wood fire grill and cook alongside locals.  Temperatures during the day range from a comfortable 55 to 70 degrees (12-21 celcius), while evenings are 40-50 degrees (5-10 celcius).


January Is For You If...


You are a fan of cultural celebrations, tradition, art, adventure, nature.  Temperatures in the 60's are your comfort zone.  Mixing with the local community appeals to you.  You crave time in nature.  Steeply discounted luxury is your jam.  Adventurous challenges satiate your curiosity.  January is exceptional for those who want to visit when the airport is blissfully empty, yet the island is hopping.

Message From Laura...

It is certainly worth a bit of homework before you arrive to make the experience more genuine.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Waldren, a powerful figure in Deia for more than 60 years.  My Brooklyn friends and I were doing a walking tour through the village, and Jackie overheard the accent.  "Is that New York City?".  I immediately adored her.  We became friendly, had a few talks, and she took me on a tour of her archeological museum in Deia.  I bought a copy of her book "Insiders and Outsiders" that day, which is a lovely and fun read.  Unfortuntely we met just about a year before she died.  Jackie was so very cool ... very much wish I had met her sooner. 

Mallorca in January.jpg

Sample Itinerary...

Day 1 - Arrival to Mallorca

Total Driving Time:  45 minutes

Arrival to Mallorca, Villa Check In...

Arrive to Mallorca, check in to your private villa in Deia, then enjoy a glass of Cava and unwind from your day of travel.  Here is the thing about Villa Deia ... it is located in a breathtakingly beautiful artists village, that for reasons understood is wildly touristic.  If there is a best time to stay here, it is most certainly in Winter, when the souvenir vendors have gone and nature is undisturbed.  In the evening, a private chef prepares dinner, then the sun sets over the Mountains before a good night's sleep.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 07.07.30.png
Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 07.22.49.png
Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 07.19.36.png

Day 2 - Artists Walk and Paint Class

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Massage, Immersion in Art, Village Dinner..

Aromatherapy massage in the village, coffee and breakfast.  A tranquil day is then spent lounging in your spectacular home in Deia, before joining a guided "Artists Walk".  Visit shops and studios full of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, ceramics, fashion, literature.  Tour the home of poet Robert Graves, who spent more than 50 years of his life in Deia.  Then, take a sunset paint class with a local artist before a delicious dinner in the village.  The silence of Deia in Winter is incredibly soothing.

Deià by Leila Ward.jpg

Day 3 - Valldemossa and Arxiduc Trail

Total Driving Time:  30 minutes

Weekly Market, Historic Hike...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Taxi to a village steeped in old-world charm, experience their weekly market, walk the cobblestone streets, taste a coca de patata (made famous by a sweet Valldemossa bakery), visit the monastery and museum.  Before visiting, listen to Chopin while reading George Sand's "A Winter in Mallorca".  The historic Arxiduc Trail takes you back to Deia along the peaks of the mountains ... yes, you are hiking home.  Dinner is in Deia, followed by fireside cocktails.

0 copy.jpg

Day 4 - Adventure in Nature and Private Chef

Total Driving Time:  1:30 hours

Adventure For All Levels...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today you get to see INSIDE the island of Mallorca, where very few people go.  The skills needed are simply an adventurous spirit and a desire for new experiences.  Spend the day hiking, climbing, rappelling, jumping ... fun challenges are designed to suit all levels.  Dive deep into the canyons or descend the rocky coast.  A private chef serves dinner back at your villa with a tasting of gins from Mallorca.  Share photos and tales of your unforgettable experience.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 07.24.27.png

Day 5 - Soller and Fornalutx

Total Driving Time:  1:00 hour

Pilates Class, Historic Influence, The Prettiest Village...

Morning Pilates class in the village, coffee and breakfast.  In the afternoon, take a short taxi ride to the neighboring village of Soller, inhabited since 4,000 BC.  The largest mountains on Mallorca literally embrace this town.  Take a private tour to discover hidden treasures that tell the story of Roman, Arab and Christian influences.  Visit Sant Bartomeu Church and walk the shops of medieval Calle Lluna.  Finally, hike to what is popularly known as "the prettiest village in all of Spain".  Dinner is here.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 07.20.36-X5.png
Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 06.22_edited.jpg

Day 6 - Beach Hike and Village Exploration

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Morning Yoga, Trail Hike, Walking Tour...

Morning yoga class in the village, coffee and breakfast on your terrace.  There is a beautiful trail that loops down to the beach and back.  On the descent, spectacular coastal views ... on the ascent, centuries old olive and lemon groves.  Next, take a walking tour of the village that includes the church, cemetery, and a few local tastings.  Dinner is an Asian influenced experience in a meticulously designed restaurant.  If weather permits, dine on the terrace with a warm blanket.


Day 7 - The City of Palma de Mallorca

Total Driving Time:  40 minutes

Walking Tour, Art, History...

Sleep in, coffee and breakfast ... a relaxing morning.  Today you relocate to the city of Palma de Mallorca, where you check in to a boutique hotel, located near the Sea on a quiet street in the old town.  After settling in, a guide will be waiting to take you on a tour to discover art, history and more.  Lunch is solo, after which, a visit to the roof deck of your hotel offers scenic views.  Everyone meets for dinner in a festive gastronomic market with delicious food stalls and live music.


Day 8 - Island Wide Bonfires

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours  

Shopping, Sightseeing, Culture...

A morning walk along the Sea, coffee and breakfast.  In the afternoon, take a museum tour ... sacred art, modern art, history, architecture ... the choices are vast.  Don't miss the blessing of the animals today!  A tapas lunch is reserved in a private room overlooking the center of Palma.  This is followed by a visit to the Hammam where warmth envelops you.  The evening is spent walking the city to see the bonfires and cultural parades.  Dinner is a special surprise.


Day 9 - Community BBQ and Entertainment

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours

E-Bike Tour, Farm To Table, Street BBQ...

Sleep in, coffee and breakfast.  The afternoon is spent on an e-bike tour, in and around Palma.  The tour is on city bike paths, along the coast, and out to the country where a farm to table lunch is prepared in a beautiful garden.  Back at the hotel, a visit to the spa prepares you for a night of partying and celebrations.  After dark, the streets will be full of live music, entertainment, demons and devils, and a city wide, community BBQ (we've got you covered for this).  It's the best party of the year!


Day 10 - Farewell

Total Driving Time:  30 minutes

Until Next Time...

Bid a reluctant yet grateful farewell to Mallorca.  You leave with the most exceptional memories, a fresh outlook on the future, and an all new set of FANTASTIC FRIENDS to boot!  Transport to Mallorca Airport will be arranged.

350-102convent1300x870 copy.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 07.07.30.png


The journey begins in a private villa where every bedroom is ensuite.  In this artists village in the center of the Tramuntana Mountain range, easily walk to shops, the village square, restaurants, and beach.  Next, check in to a boutique hotel in Palma, located near the Sea.  Visit the roof deck in the evenings to see the famous Palma Cathedral in lights.

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