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Puglia, Italy

10 Nights ... April 3-13, 2025
7,450 Euro (excluding flights)

Solo In Style:
Women over 50 travelling solo and loving it!

Join our Solo In Style Puglia Getaway, curated and hosted by Deborah Ives, founder of Solo In Style, and Laura Cozik, founder of Mallorca by Design.

13 Women are Welcome


Discover The Boot of Italy...


Whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland, and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline come into view as you land in the southern Italian port city of Bari.  From here you will stay at three of the most precious hotels, which we have reserved exclusively for your comfort and enjoyment.  The first four nights we sleep in a restored village of Trulli houses, where everyone gets their own stone dwelling with cone shaped roof.  Next we spend three nights in a boutique hotel with a stunning rooftop, where breakfast is served every morning.  Finally, prepare to be blown away by three nights in a luxurious cave hotel.  From each of these incredible locations we will enjoy the most spectacular experiences ... historic tours, regional cooking classes, wine tasting, local dining, hiking, bread making, shopping, and much, much more.


Villages You Will Explore... 





Martina Franca

Polignano a Mare






This Getaway Is For You If...


Historic walks through the past awaken your curiosity.  You love dining alfresco.  Visiting local shops to taste everything in season rocks your socks.  Temperatures in the 60's (18 celcius) are your comfort zone.  You adore nature, hiking, exploring.  You prefer to mingle with locals and immerse yourself in their way of life.  Visiting ancient villages and ghost towns is irresistable to you.  And finally, travelling with an intimate group of like-minded women, with more time on foot and less in a vehicle is your jam.  There will be a good amount of walking, so comfortable shoes and an appropriate level of fitness is required.  Think 10,000+ steps per day with occasional hills and stairs and beautiful cobblestones.


Your Hosts...


How often is it that you go on holiday with the founder of your chosen travel tribe?  Solo In Style has more than half a million members, and Deborah Ives, the woman who caught lightning in a bottle, will be joining this experience with you.  Also looking after you will be the founder of Mallorca by Design, who has been curating travel events since 2010.  Her focus is always on the most unique experiences.  You’re in for an unforgettable adventure.


Join Us...  


This Puglia Getaway is limited to just 13 amazing women.  Everyone has their own room with private bath.  Rooms are first come, first served ... the sooner you submit your deposit, the more choices you have.  Join us as we enjoy each other’s company, share our stories, forge new friendships, and have an insane amount of fun to boot.  Laughter and curiosity are as essential as air and water.

13 Women are Welcome


Day 1, Thursday - April 3 - Bari 

Driving Time:  75 minutes

Arrival, Trullo Hotel, Welcome Dinner...

Arrive to Bari Airport, meet your driver, check in to your Trullo house.  This traditional limestone dwelling with cone-shaped roof is unique to the Puglia region of Italy,  The Trulli are remarkable examples of a prehistoric building technique known as dry stone (mortarless) construction.  One of the more popular theories behind the origin of the design is that due to high taxation on property, the people of Puglia built homes that could be dismantled quickly when tax inspectors were in the area.  Our precious hotel, located just outside of Cisternino, was born from the recovery of an authentic rural village dating back to 1800.  Bringing the village back to life while preserving the original beauty of the place was the goal of all those who worked on this majestic project.  The very last tenant of the village admitted thinking that the village was worthless, but he now stands in awe of the renovation that has been carried out.  We have private use of the entire hotel, spa services are available, and our welcome dinner is under the stars.


Day 2, Friday - April 4 - Cisternino / Ostuni 

Driving Time:  45 minutes

Narrow Winding Streets, Quaint Shops, La Città Bianca...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  We depart for Cisternino today, where guests have the freedom to walk a myriad of narrow cobblestone corridors filled with whitewashed houses, historic churches, and local shops.  The village boasts a small, utterly charming town centre that has remained virtually intact for centuries.  From one of the many view points, take in the surrounding countryside with its rolling hills, dry stone walls, and white-tipped conical trulli roofs piercing the green fields.  Lunch is solo as we expect some will want to sit and enjoy while others may choose to taste along the way.  A guided map will be provided to direct you.  Next we head to the village of Ostuni where a professional guide awaits to walk us through the historic streets of La Citta Bianca, named for the white painted old town which crowns the very top of the city.  Here, in addition to visiting cathedrals, palaces, and piazzas, we learn about Delia, the oldest mother in the world.  At sunset, as the light reflects off of the buildings, enjoy wine and cocktails alfresco, followed by dinner and desert in a beautiful restaurant.  

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 14.09.38.png

Day 3, Saturday - April 5 - Alberobello / Martina Franca

Driving Time:  1:00 hour


Basilicas, Palazzos, Piazzas, and the Trulli Zone...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today we visit Alberobello, a fairytale gem nestled in the Itria Valley with more than 1,500 trullo homes that have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.  We learn a bit about the history of these homes after having spent a couple of nights sleeping in one of our own.  Next we head to Martina Franca, an authentic visual relic that straddles the Baroque and Rococo styles.  We enter its urban center guarded by the Basilica di San Martino, built in the 1700's.  Here we begin a guided tour of wonders such as the Palazzo Ducale, the Clock Tower, the church of San Domenico, Palazzo Maggi, and of course Piazza Maria Immacolata ... where community convenes and everything takes place.  Guests then have time to explore.  Lunch is solo.  Walking is a delight as you have the quintessential Italian experience of a local village, with whitewashed alleys, laundry drying in the breeze, cats napping in sun-drenched streets, the smells of cooking and the chatter of local families from the open windows.  We all meet for a delicious dinner in Martina Franca.


Day 4, Sunday - April 6 - Polignano a Mare / Monopoli

Driving Time:  75 minutes

Boat Tour, Caves, The Adriatic Sea...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today we visit two cities that are perched on the edge of high cliffs, arising from the Adriatic Sea.  Polignano a Mare is one of the most spectacular resorts on the Apulian coast.  The historic center of this seaside village is a maze of narrow streets that extend towards a tiny beach known as Lama Monachile, which cuts the cliff in two.  The poet, Guido Lupori, has painted inspirations throughout the city on stairs, doors, and white walls ... together we go on an inspirational hunt for poetry.  Below the town, a beautiful boat tour invites you to discover a tangle of caves amidst crystal-clear waters.  From the sea we can admire the Bourbon Bridge, the Rock of the Hermit, and several beautiful cliffs and calas.  On board we have a light lunch.  Our boat tour then takes us to Monopoli, with its rich cultural history and medieval fortifications.  Guests have free time to wander here before departure back to the hotel.  Dinner and our final sleep in a trullo home awaits.


Day 5, Monday - April 7 - Lecce

Driving Time:  75 minutes

Sculptures, Rose Windows, Sunken Roman Amphitheater...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  It's time to pack our bags and head to the next glorious location.  Prepare to be blown away by Lecce, a city bequeathed with a generous stash of baroque buildings by its 17th-century architects.  So distinctive is Lecce’s architecture that it has acquired its own moniker, Barocco Leccese (Lecce Baroque), an expressive and hugely decorative genre replete with gargoyles, asparagus columns, and cavorting gremlins.  The swooning 18th-century traveller Thomas Ashe thought it the most beautiful city in Italy, while the less-impressed Marchese Grimaldi said the facade of Basilica di Santa Croce made him think a lunatic was having a nightmare (bottom left photo).  Here our exclusive boutique hotel awaits.  Lunch is solo.  In the evening we all meet on the roof deck for a sunset cocktail, followed by a spectacular dinner in the city.

Palazzo De Noha_96.jpg

Day 6, Tuesday - April 8 - Lecce

Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Tour of Lecce, Papier Mache, Pumo di Fiore...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  A guide will come to our hotel after breakfast to take us on a historical tour of the city.  Walking the streets and alleys, we learn about Lecce dating back to medieval times with it's Baroque art, unique architecture, and all around exceptional beauty.  We discover the significance of the Pumo di Fiore, as this colorful, ceramic flower bud can be seen on many balconies and in several gardens throughout the city.  Lunch is solo, as is a bit of free time in the afternoon where you can visit the underground Jewish museum, the open air Roman amphitheater, or perhaps you will choose a papier mache or stone sculpting experience where you can create some art of your own while learning about the traditions of Lecce that still exist today.  In the evening, we all meet for a magnificent dinner in Lecce.


Day 7, Wednesday - April 9 - Lecce

Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Cooking Class, Wine Tasting...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  The morning is free to explore on your own.  In the afternoon we enjoy an Orecciette cooking class with wine tasting in the heart of the city's old town.  Discover the secrets to rolling and shaping fresh “orecchiette” pasta, a traditional specialty from Puglia.  Then, relax over a guided wine tasting paired with regional delicacies.  In the evening, simply relish the bliss that is having no set schedule and going freestyle, as we offer you one free evening to explore.  Choose your own curiosities or venture out into the Universe to see what she sends your way.  Be sure to take a stroll after dinner, bidding farewell to beautiful Lecce.


Day 8, Thursday - April 10 - Craco / Matera

Driving Time:  3:30 hours

Ghost Town, Cave Village, Breathtaking Views...

Sleep in, coffee and breakfast.  Today we bid farewell to our gorgeous boutique hotel and head to Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage site composed of ancient cave dwellings carved into the mountainside, that are now luxurious hotels, restaurants and shops for us to behold.  On the way, we stop for a private tour of Craco, a most beautiful, abandoned ghost town.  Due to a flood, an earthquake, and a series of landslides, Craco became what you see today, void of humanity yet full of exquisite mystery.  In Matera we check in to our exclusive cave hotel.  The entire residence is ours for three bewitching nights.  We then have a few hours to settle in to our accommodations, perhaps even book a massage.  Lunch is solo.  Dinner is served on a tiny terrace, over-looking the most beautiful vantage point in the city.  At night the views are truly enchanting.




Superior cv70_edited.png
Screenshot 2024-05-25 at 15.09_edited.png

Day 9, Friday - April 11 - Matera 

Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Tour of Matera, Bread Making, Cheese Making...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Matera is an ancient city excavated and constructed from the Murgia's rock. Its origin is dated over 10,000 years ago and is therefore counted amongst the most ancient cities in the world.  Matera dates way back to Palaeolithic settlements, while the first Neolithic pottery in Matera dates back to around 7500 years BC, when terracotta pottery was produced in the village.  Today we have a walking tour to understand the origins of this wildly fascinating city.  We visit a museum that preserves the history, a bakery that upholds ancient traditions, and a cheese maker who will delight our taste buds.  Lunch is solo today.  Tonight we have our signature Solo In Style White Party.  Dinner is in a local restaurant, where we get to taste the famous Peperone Crusco (crispy pepper), a typical product of the Basilicata region of Italy.  


Day 10, Saturday - April 12 - Matera

Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Rock Churches, Shopping, Farewell Celebration...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  In the Gravina Valley that boarders the city, Byzantine and Benedictine monks transformed the numerous caves into Rock Churches.  These mystical places are carved into the rock to create hermitages, crypts, basilicas, and sanctuaries, scattered throughout the urban surroundings of the Sassi.  Some are located within the city limits, while more than 150 of them are carved into the natural rock that surrounds Matera.  They are exceptional to behold.  After breakfast we have a guided tour of these Rock Churches.  Guests choose between a long and beautiful hike through the valley, or a partial transport for less walking.  In the afternoon, we invite you to explore and shop on your own.  Lunch is solo.  In the evening, we have our final dinner, along with a celebration of moments shared and friendships forged.


Day 11, Sunday - April 13 - Home Sweet Home

Driving Time:  1:00 hour

Until Next Time...

Bid a reluctant yet grateful farewell to Puglia.  You leave with the most exceptional memories, a Solo in Style outlook on the future, and an all new set of FANTASTIC FRIENDS to boot!  Transport to Bari Airport will be arranged.



The journey begins in an authentic Trullo hotel, just outside of Cisternino, where we offer an invitation to return to the past and live an authentic experience.  Among the natural sculptures of the centuries-old olive trees, there are the original trulli, witnesses of an ancient rural village dating back to the mid-19th century, now renovated with the most exceptional creature comforts in an unforgettably unique setting.


Next we check in to a Palazzo in the center of Lecce.  Set like a precious and discreet gem among the narrow streets, this stately home dating back to the 13th century welcomes you with comfort, art, and luxury.  The beautiful palace boasts a stunning courtyard and a breath-taking rooftop from where you can admire glimpses of the city that are unknown to most, with the top of the Duomo's bell tower indicating the way.


Finally, we arrive to a UNESCO world heritage site in the Sassi district of Matera.  Our precious hotel was created from restored ancient cave houses, by enhancing the tuff walls and vaults to create an authentic and evocative environment.  Once abandoned cave houses and disused structures dating back to 1600 have been reinvented to accommodate the new spaces of a widespread hotel village. 


In each hand-selected boutique hotel, we are the ONLY guests.  Our wish is for you to feel 'at home' in an exclusive space, and to live as the locals do.  Solo In Style rooms are private and en-suite as always, we do not offer shares.  Accommodations are first come, first served ... the sooner you send your deposit, the more choices you have.

Your Hosts

Deborah 1 BEST.jpg


Founder, Solo in Style


Deborah has always loved to travel and when she found herself suddenly divorced aged 50, her response was to go it alone. It was scary, fabulous, and empowering, in equal measure, and she was instantly hooked.  As a solo female traveller over the age of 50, a huge and growing demographic, Deborah felt ignored by the travel industry. This prompted her to create Solo In Style with the idea of connecting like-minded women to encourage and support one another with their solo travels.  Alongside a successful 30-year career in marketing, fine wine & culinary arts, Deborah, now aged 64, continues to expand Solo in Style globally to support and encourage as many women as possible to fulfil their solo travel ambitions.

Laura 10 BEST.jpg


Founder, Mallorca by Design

Laura has always been passionate about encouraging women to push their boundaries in order to become powerful.  She truly believes this can only be done when you align yourself with other capable women who are willing to support each other.  Courage is contagious.  Laura is 57 years old, a group fitness instructor, a nationally ranked ballroom dance champion, a triathlete, an entrepreneur, and an extroverted introvert who loves to travel solo.  She has been published in Cosmopolitan, Competitor, Shape, Triathlete, and New York Magazine for her accomplishments in the fitness and travel industries. Her celebrity clients include Nicole Kidman, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Keith Urban and Soledad O'Brien.

Pricing and Details

Pricing Per Person - 10 Nights - April 3 thru 13, 2025

This intimate event welcomes just 13 spectacular women.

7,450 euro per person - Private room and en-suite bath for 10 nights.

1,500 Euro deposit due at the time of registration – Payment due in full by January 1, 2025

Rooms are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  The earlier you book, the more options to choose from.

There are a handful of high level suites in each hotel that go above and beyond.  To secure these, we will ask an additional fee.  If where you sleep is an element you like to splurge on, you will have this opportunity when full payment is due.  The exact amount is not yet determined as 2 of the hotels have just begun construction.  We will make this offer to everyone in December ... in a first come, first served order of when your deposit was received.


  • 10 nights accommodation 

  • All transportation in Italy, except final departure to Bari Airport.

  • All meals except 7 lunches and 1 dinner.  You have the opportunity to taste and explore with your fellow travelers.  We are happy to guide you towards restaurants, as well as delicious grab and go eateries.

  • Activities...

    • Blissful morning stretch and strength sessions 

    • 5 private tours in various villages - art, history, architecture, culture, tradition, food 

      • Ostuni

      • Martina Franca

      • Lecce

      • Craco 

      • Matera 

    • 3 speciality tours in various villages

      • Boat Tour in Polignano a Mare ... a light lunch is served on board

      • Cooking Class and Wine Tasting in Lecce

      • Hiking the Rock Churches of Matera

    • Cheese making demonstration 

    • Bread making demonstration

    • White Party

  • 2 dedicated hosts to look after you and celebrate with you

  • Solo In Style gifts


Not Included 

  • Flights

  • Alcohol - other than our wine tasting

  • 7 lunches and 1 dinner

  • Transport to Bari Airport on departure day

  • Tips and gratuities


Questions and Information

Please contact Laura for more information…

Cancellation Policy

  • 1,500 euro penalty if cancelled prior to January 1, 2025 

  • No refund if cancelled on or after January 1, 2025. 

  • We will assist you in re-selling your spot to another Solo In Style member, but this is not guaranteed.  If we manage to re-sell your spot, there is a 500 euro cancellation fee.

Subject To Change

All details are subject to change, in order to improve the client experience


Terms and Conditions


There is some important information to note before we get to the fun part.  Please read our terms and conditions below, as it is your responsibility to be entirely aware of our policies and what to expect.

Physical Ability and Health Requirements

Our events have a great deal of walking to best explore and enjoy each location.  There will be hills and stairs and cobblestones, and it is entirely possible that we may walk 2-5 miles per day, spending many hours on our feet.  We require all guests to have a base level of fitness that allows them to do that.  We will provide plenty of downtime for rest and recovery and you are welcome to skip a day.  However, we ask that you be cognizant of the itinerary and all that you will experience prior to registering for our event.

If you have special health issues or take medications, we ask that you advise us prior to registering for our event so that we can ensure there are no red flags and that you are a good fit for the planned itinerary. 

Booking Flights 

Flights should not be booked until we approve your registration and application, and until we officially host our meet and greet on Zoom with your fellow travelers.  This is when we discuss the best options. 

Methods of Payment


We accept bank transfers in EURO.  Credit cards will be accepted with a 3.5% fee added, also in EURO.

Cancellation Policy

  • 1,500 euro penalty if cancelled prior to January 1, 2025. 

  • No refund if cancelled on or after January 1, 2025. 

  • We will assist you in re-selling your spot to another Solo In Style member, but this is not guaranteed.  If we manage to re-sell your spot, there is a 500 euro cancellation fee.

Application Process

Our goal is always to ensure the best possible experience for our guests.  Because of this, our process is to ask you to be very sure that the itinerary is suited to your preferences.  You then RSVP, fill out our application form, pay your deposit, and schedule a one-on-one call so we can get to know you better.  This process is not only FUN, it is also designed to ensure that every guest has a spectacular experience.


Spring is so lovely in Puglia, as wildflowers bloom and temperatures average in the 60's during the day (16-20 celcius), and 50's in the evenings (10-14 celcius).  Global warming may have something to say about this as the years tick by.  A light sweater or jacket is all you need for evenings.

Maximum Group Size

We are accepting just 13 women for this event.

Eligible to Attend

This trip is exclusively for Solo in Style members ... women 50+ years of age with a brilliant outlook on life, who love to travel and want to meet like-minded as well as diverse women.

Pack List

A pack list will be sent to every guest prior to travel.  Casual clothing throughout, comfortable walking footwear, swimwear for the pool and spa, and workout gear if participating.  The pack list will be much more detailed.

Room Selection

All rooms are private with private bathroom, for maximum comfort and a bit of solo time.  They are each uniquely beautiful in layout and decor ... reserved on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.  The earlier you reserve your spot and pay your deposit, the more choices you’ll have.  The selection process begins once full payment has been received by every guest.

High Level Suites

All of our rooms are stunningly beautiful, as this is where Solo In Style stands out.  We select exceptional accommodations.  However, for this particular event there are a handful of high level suites that go above and beyond.  If this is important to you, you may request these rooms for an additional fee when full payment is due.

Room Sharing

Solo In Style is exactly that ... your room is just for you.  All rooms are solo occupancy with private bathrooms.  Some are on the ground floor, some are on the top floor, some have balconies, etc. 

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Solo in Style requires each guest to purchase full personal travel insurance for the duration of the trip.  It's the safest and best way to travel.  We will ask for proof of insurance prior to the event and reserve the right to deny any participant who has not obtained this.  Any fees paid towards the event will be non-refundable.

Dietary Requirements

Most requirements are possible, although pure vegan and gluten free may be limited.  When booking restaurants, we will be sure to give them a heads up with regard to your preferences.  

Photos and Videos

One of the most fun aspects of any travel event is the photos and videos taken.  We provide a shared folder where everyone can drop and download media.  Guests are welcome to post these images on social media.  You may not sell or otherwise use any of the images taken by us or our photographers or other guests for commercial purposes.  When registering for our event you agree and acknowledge that your image and likeness may be used in future promotional material, both by Solo In Style, and our partner companies.  We only use the "good ones" where everyone looks great!  If you prefer not to be photographed or to appear in any videos, simply let us know.


Please be prepared to sign a ‘Waiver of Responsibility’ form before you begin your tour. This form is an understanding that all guests need to exercise judgement and care at all times to ensure their own safety and that of their fellow travelers.

Airport Transfers

There are two transfers on arrival day.  One is earlier, one is later.  We will do our best to plan around everyone's choice of flight, but please be aware of our transport times prior to booking.  We will discuss flights during our first meet and greet Zoom call.

Luggage Limitations

Each guest is permitted one suitcase and one carry-on bag or backpack.  You must be able to transport and carry your own luggage at all times, as there is no guaranteed assistance.

Alcohol and Other Substances

Italy is known for its wine.  If you plan to drink, we ask you to do so responsibly.  The idea is to enjoy, but not to become inebriated.  Drugs and illegal substances will never be tolerated.

Force Majeure

In case of a Force Majeure event, we are not responsible for performing our obligations and will not be responsible for any resulting damages.  A Force Majeure Event is any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation acts of nature, terrorist activities, insurrection, explosion, flood, earthquake, tempest, forceful wind, fire or accident, war or threat of war declared or undeclared, sabotage, civil disturbance, labor strikes, requisition, pandemics, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances.  If we, and/or our partners or agents, are affected by a Force Majeure Event, we, and/or our partners or agents, may vary or cancel any itinerary or activity without any obligation or liability. 


Solo In Style along with Mallorca by Design and all our representatives, act only in capacity as agents for the guest in all matters connected with travel, sight-seeing journeys and transportation.  You agree that we are held free of responsibility for any damage occasioned by any cause.  These causes will be laid out more fully in our waiver, which you are required to sign prior to travel.  Additionally, we reserve the right to alter our itinerary ​in order to provide the best experience for each and every guest.  The bespoke nature of our itineraries means that they may be subject to minor changes, updates and additions as we get closer to departure.


The Process...

RSVP, fill out the application, pay your deposit, then schedule a private Zoom chat so that we can get to know you, and so that we can strive to meet and exceed your expectations.  After that, we invite everyone to a Zoom meet and greet.  Solo In Style events are about travel, but we also want to share our stories and forge new friendships with like-minded women.









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