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Mallorca by Design


Mallorca by Design has been hosting events on the island since 2011.  In 2018, Laura made Mallorca her permanent home to spend her days exploring this beautiful islandGather your tribe, find an excuse to celebrate, and let us create a setting that allows for DISCOVERY and LAUGHTER and SURPRISE.  

Mallorca by Design - Services


Guests have the option to rent a private villa and live like a local.  We have SO MANY villas!  Or perhaps you want to rent out a small or large hotel privately, ensuring that your guests are the only guests.  We can also source the best room in any given hotel, or have you spend a couple of nights in a remote monastery.  Ask us for a list of possibilities.


Food and Tastings

Mallorca has the most outstanding restaurants.  Some are in the center of the city, others require a hike up a mountain.  Some are upscale and impressive, others are down to Earth and full of local people.  We can also source private chefs, arrange cooking classes, book a biodynamic wine tasting with sunset BBQ dinners.  All dietary requirements are possible.

Vegan Tapas

Island Tours

Mallorca is laden with stories, and these stories can be found in ancient ruins, old cities, secret caves.  Explore endless art and architecture along with local markets and celebratory festivals.  If you are not a fan of tourism and crowds but adore history, culture and tradition, we can help you find the most extraordinary options.

Secret Mallorca copy.jpg

Activities and Adventures

See the inside of a gorgeous cave, explore the ancient walls of a medieval city.  Experience canyoning, rappelling, and ziplining through the mountains.  Cycle on quiet roads, hike or run on remote trails.  Rent a boat for the day to see the beautiful coastline.  Notice the smiles in all of the photos!

Jamaica Boat.jpg

Sports and Fitness

We work with the best of the best instructors and coaches in Mallorca.  Enjoy everything from a yoga class in the city to a private sunrise stretch class at your villa.  And due to our fantastic year round weather, organized sporting events such as running, swimming, cycling and triathlon happen almost every month. 

Sa Calobra.jpg

Local Experiences and Cultural Festivals

The list of local activities in Mallorca is endless.  You would have to visit every year for many years in order to experience them all, but we can help you select the best available options during your stay.  Olive picking ... you will have your own bottle of oil within 24 hours.  Fire festivals, holiday traditions, a 50km walk through the night to an ancient monastery.


Meetings and Special Events

Corporate retreats complete with team building and incentives.  Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, complete with themed celebrations and surprise adventures.  We are good at this!!  Bringing people together, bonding them to each other.  Our process involves getting to know every guest before meeting in Mallorca, in order to create an exceptionally enhanced experience.

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Surprise and Delight

Let us decorate your itinerary with as much surprise and delight as is possible ... it is one of our signatures.  Gift bags, clothing and other items with logos or personal messages, hikes to discover secret treasures, or perhaps a night hike to a candlelit cave.  The list is truly endless, but it can be the BEST part of your experience in Mallorca.

Gift Bags
cuevas-drach-manacor-c-barques-gran copy.jpg

The Staff

Adventure guides, professional speakers, fitness experts, chefs, managers, assistants, massage therapists ... we access the top of the food chain in every category.  As with all of our costs, it's not as pricey as you think to be surrounded by people who may very well be the BEST part of your experience.  They are exceptional leaders who affect and LevelUP every moment.
Flexible Woman

The Extras

Transportation, sporting equipment, laundry service, a fully stocked kitchen upon arrival.  We provide all that you request, and then add our own extras to enhance your experience.

Squash Equipment


Where you stay may very well be one of the most important aspects of your experience, and Mallorca has no shortage of options.  Private villa, hotel, monastery, beach front, mountains, luxurious, authentic, remote, small village, big city and more. 

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