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The best of the best Athletes and CEO's in the world work with coaches.  As a matter of fact, coaches exist in every industry you can possibly think of, because getting to the top means having an experienced, knowledgable set of eyes on everything you do.  Where you get your advice, your motivation, your direction, will determine how HIGH you ascend.  LeveledUP Experiences promises to bring you the best.


LeveledUP Experiences works with no bullsh*t coaches.  They are strong, capable women, with the right attitudes, intent on taking others with them on the path to "my life is absolutely amazing!".


In our opinion, the hands down best coaches on the Planet are in New York City.  Why?  Because the competition there is fierce and if you want to be top of the food chain, you have to be on your game.  But, we have also found some incredible talent around the world ... we intend to bring them all to you.  


These are the women you want to learn from...     


Adventure Specialist

Heather is the Founder and CEO of Two Line Studios, a company that helps individuals and organizations unleash their creative genius to solve some of their toughest problems.  She is also co-author of the book "Draw Your Big Idea".  Heather has been featured by TED, The Today Show, MSNBC, Inc., Forbes, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal.


Boats and Bikes

Carol is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Body Consulting.  She is an international presenter, motivational speaker, and rockstar consultant to those in the fitness industry.  She has 25+ years of experience and has worn nearly every hat there is.  Carol has worked with Nike, Soul Cycle, Peloton, Lululemon ... and has been featured by Vogue, Self, Fitness, CBS, NBC.



Laura is the Founder and CEO of LeveledUP Experiences.  She is also the Founder of Team Lipstick, NYC's all female triathlon team.  Laura spent 3 years as Athletic Director for CNN, managing their triathlon program. Her celebrity clients are Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Soledad O'Brien.  She believes you never ignore what your heart beats for.


Jada and B 
Vegan Chefs

KT is the creator behind The Founder’s Process, an interactive strategic workshop that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful businesses. With 25+ years of business strategy experience, she is LeveledUP Experience's Business Strategist ... we only hire the best!  KT is also an experienced run and fitness coach, passionate about working with women.


Best Cycling Guide Ever!

Michele is the Founder and CEO of CORtherapy, and Owner of a gym in Denver, Colorado where she lives.  She is an Elite Level Mountain Biker and Off Road Triathlete.  Michele spends an awful lot of time standing on podiums, including FIRST place at Beti Bike Bash, the largest women's only mountain bike race in the USA.  Facing fears is her key to LevelingUP.  



Mary is a competitive figure champion and a group/individual fitness coach.

Born in Kenya, raised in NYC, mom of two beautiful children, she is the whole package and then some.  Mary believes "If you can master your mind, you can master your body".  Mary has been featured by Shape, Furthermore, and Good Morning America for her stellar expertise.


The Boss

Tiffany is the Founder and CEO of Level Up Consulting Group.  As an authentic communicator, Tiffany is an expert in giving your greatest strengths a powerful voice and helping you to create a performance that will connect you to any audience.  Tiffany competed in many sports including Triathlon, Ballroom Dance, and College Cheerleading.



Reese is a Registered Amateur Fighter and Licensed USA Boxing Coach.  She is also the Founder and CEO of Women's World of Boxing in Harlem.  Her gym offers a safe, uplifting environment where women can learn the sport of boxing.  Reese has been featured by Essence, The Daily News, Reebok, GoDaddy, The NY Post, Self, Shape, ABC News, ESPN-Women.

Can Feliu Jose 2.jpg

Biodynamic Wine Farmer

Born in Paris, raised in Spain, Colette has her BA from Brown and her MBA from Wharton.  She is a former elite athlete who spent time competing on an international level for Track and Field. Colette has been the Strength and Nutrition Coach for Team Lipstick since the team first launched in New York City.  We are thrilled to have her on board for LeveledUP Experiences.

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