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Mallorca in May

Festes de Sant Sebastià.  This celebration of the patron saint of Mallorca lasts for two weeks.  In between the festivities, visit the mountains for adventurous challenges.

Mallorca In January...


Mallorca in January is all about Festes de Sant Sebastià (the patron saint of Mallorca).  For 2 weeks the island celebrates with cultural activities, sporting events, bonfires, music concerts, and an island wide community BBQ party where you can walk up to any wood fire grill and cook alongside locals.  Temperatures during the day range from 50 to 60 degrees (10-15 celcius), while evenings are around 40-45 degrees (5-8 celcius).  In January, the airport in Mallorca is blissfully empty.


January Is For You If...


You are a fan of cultural celebrations and adventures in nature.  Temperatures between 50-60 degrees are your comfort zone.  Mixing with the local community appeals to you.  You crave solo time in nature.  Walking through villages to learn about the history of a place is your jam.  Adventurous challenges are non-negotiable for you as they satiate your curiosity.  January is exceptional for those who want to visit when the airport is empty yet the island is hopping.

Mallorca in December.jpg

Sample Itinerary...

Day 1 - Arrival to Mallorca

Total Driving Time:  45 minutes

Arrival to Mallorca, Villa Check In...

Arrive to Mallorca, check in to your private villa, then enjoy a glass of Cava and unwind from your day of travel.  Villa Secreto may very well be the most precious gem on the island.  It is nestled in the mountains with exceptional views, surrounded by hiking trails that lead you to 3 villages, 1 seaside port, and an enormous amount of history.  Massages are available upon request.  In the evening, a private chef prepares dinner with a sampling of local products and various wines.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 09.44.13.png

Day 2 - Magnificent Hike and The Prettiest Village

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Magnificent Hike, Historic Exploration, Dining with Locals...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today you embark on a hiking adventure right from your doorstep.  It is a walk through history with unforgettable views of the village below and the mountains above.  At the end of the hike, lunch is in tiny village that boasts green landscapes all year round.  The restaurant specializes in local foods and every day the menu changes.  Later that evening, follow a short trail to what is known as the prettiest village in Mallorca, for an unforgettable dinner.


Day 3 - Weekly Market and Castle Hike

Total Driving Time:  1:00 hour

Weekly Market, Historic Hike, Famous Lunch...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today you hike the historic Arxiduc Trail where you'll walk high above the clouds for exceptional views of the coast and villages below.  You are literally at the peak of the mountain tops.  A private lunch awaits at the end of the hike, in the charming village of Valldemossa.  Walk the cobblestone streets, visit the Frédéric Chopin and George Sand Museum.  Dinner is a tasting of local gins and vegan tapas with a private chef at your beautiful villa.


Day 4 - Canyoning and Private Chef

Total Driving Time:  1:30 hours

Jeep Tour, Remote Dinner, Headlamp Hiking...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  The day begins with a relaxing walk through your village to visit to a glass studio where one of a kind pieces of art are created by hand.  After lunch, the adventures begin.  A jeep tour takes you to the most wildly beautiful locations in Mallorca.  Then ... hike 1:00 hour through the mountains to a remote location, where a one-of-a-kind dinner awaits.  The best part ... you get to hike back at night, with headlamps, listening to the sounds of nature.


Day 5 - W and Fireside Dining

Total Driving Time:  2:00 hours

Salt Production, Thermal Pools, Luxurious Lunch...

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today is about spoiling yourself with sensory pleasures.  Begin with a visit to the salt flats, where the best salt in the world is produced.  Learn how they infuse those little white crystals with flavors such as hibiscus and olives.  Next up, a visit to the only thermal waters on the island for an afternoon of pampering.  Lunch is an unforgettable culinary experience of savory art.  Take a walk on the famous Es Trenc beach before heading home to dinner in your village.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 05.26.54.png

Day 6 - Epic Hike and Village Celebration

Total Driving Time:  45 minutes

Mallorca Origins, Arab Influence, Cooking with Private Chef..

Morning stretch, coffee and breakfast.  Today you have a tour of two famous estates, both built during Moorish rule in the 13th century.  Listen to little known stories of the estates and their famous gardens.  Hike to ruins, where you just might bump into a few sheep and wild goats.  Lunch is in a small village with exceptional viewsYour final dinner at the villa, before departing for the city, is a cooking class of your choosing with an exceptional private chef.  Tonight ... get a good night's sleep.

C0085.MP4.12_04_52_16.Still001 copy.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 10.58.57.png

Day 7 - The City of Palma de Mallorca

Total Driving Time:  30 minutes

Walking Tour, Art, History...

Sleep in, coffee and breakfast ... a relaxing morning.  Today you relocate to the city of Palma de Mallorca, where you check in to a precious, boutique hotel, located in an old convent.  After settling in, a guide will be waiting to take you on a tour of the main attractions, to discover art, history and more.  You are then free to do a bit of walking and exploring on your own.  Christmas markets and festivites abound.  Lunch is solo, everyone meets for dinner in Palma.

Palma de Maiorca.jpg
dsc_5207 copy_edited.png

Day 8 - Island Wide BBQ

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours  

Yoga, Shopping, Sightseeing, Culture...

Yoga class, coffee and breakfast.  The yoga studios in Palma are lovely and some classes are in English.  Or, you may opt for a morning walk or run along the Sea.  The entire day is free for you to explore and shopMallorca's Christmas markets are quite vast, located all around the city.  Shop for gifts, drink some hot wine, then visit the ice skating rink.  Walk along the beach to Portixol or Molinar, where there are delicious seaside restaurants.  In the evening, a beautiful surprise dinner awaits.    

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 07.22.27.png

Day 9 - Bonfires and Correfoc

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours

Bellver Castle, The Cathedral, Arab Baths...

Sleep in, coffee and breakfast.  From your hotel it is easy to walk to the Cathedral, the Castle, and several museums.  Stop by the Arab Baths to see one of the few archaeological remains of Muslim reign.  Although the Moors built 25+ mosques in the city, and numerous other historic buildings, most were destroyed during the Christian conquest on December 31, 1229.  Behold an ancient space and time.  In the evening, a live performance of Flamenco music and dance, and a special farewell dinner.

tast-club-palma-restaurants-interior copy.jpg

Day 10 - Farewell

Total Driving Time:  30 minutes

Until Next Time...

Bid a reluctant yet grateful farewell to Mallorca.  You leave with the most exceptional memories, a fresh outlook on the future, and an all new set of FANTASTIC FRIENDS to boot!  Transport to Mallorca Airport will be arranged.



The journey begins in a private villa where every bedroom is ensuite.  In this tourist free village in the center of the Tramuntana Mountain range, easily walk to the village square, restaurants and shops.  Next, check in to a boutique hotel, located in an old convent, laden with history.  Hear the church bells from this quiet location in the heart of Palma.

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