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What is a Wellness Retreat?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Gregg and Fatima Cook, owners of Deep Health Evolution, approached me to co-host a wellness retreat in Mallorca. Since I've known these two rockstars as top of the food chain in New York City for everything health and fitness ... absolutely yes!! The event was a phenomenal success. So what is a wellness retreat? What can you expect if you sign up for one? We pitched it as disconnecting from your everyday world and re-emerging an enhanced version of yourself through stellar lifestyle practices. We promised to have a lasting effect on your daily life, long after the retreat ended. Then today, I realized that I've already done four things learned at this event, that is how powerful it was. So what is a wellness retreat? (she says for the third time)

Expect to wake up quite early each morning, to catch the sunrise, to participate in lots of physical activity from passive to massive, to take on mental challenges, to eat very clean and pure (no sugar, everything organic and biodynamic), to learn about nutrients, to face fears, to discuss anti-aging, to embrace nature, to keep a journal, to experience aromatherapy, to collect wild mushrooms for dinner, to cook at home most nights, to practice breathing and meditation, to get to bed early and foster the best possible sleep ... honestly, I could go on forever. The four things I did today by the way were to sleep at a specific temperature, to include a giant bowl of greens with apple cider vinegar for breakfast, to use cream in my coffee instead of milk, and to spend fifteen minutes doing morning mobility. Also, after writing this blog, I'm off to do stair repeats breathing only through my nose ... another learned gem.

Mallorca by Design is newly launched, but it is simply a rebrand of what we've been doing since 2010. To date we've hosted more than 50 events, yet this was the first true wellness retreat that stayed the course. Variety is the spice of life, so I'm all for a day of cycling followed by shots of mezcal, deep fried grasshoppers, and late night dancing (a very special memory) ... but take a moment to enhance your lifestyle practices every so often. Even Gregg and Fatima are constantly reading, researching, and experimenting. As a fitness professional, I can tell you that IT ... NEVER ... ENDS.

If you want to infuse wellness into your Mallorca retreat ... message me!!

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