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Sporty Travelers are Fantastic Minimalists

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Photo Credit:  George Digalakis


January 28, 2018

*Photo Credit: Trees with Birds by George Digalakis

Two weeks ago I moved from NYC to Mallorca, Spain, with three suitcases. Three suitcases!! I got rid of every piece of furniture, gave away 85% of my clothing, discarded all of my dance trophies and triathlon medals (ouch, that one hurt), handed my Citibike key to my brother Garrett, and got on a plane. I’m light, I’m free, I’m moving forward with ease!

What I determined was that in order to travel often and be sporty, I needed to eliminate a sh*t ton of things. For me, minimizing was a five-step process where I did the exact same thing all five times … I went through a bunch of stuff and made a giveaway and a keeper pile. The first time I did it, I ended up with a huge keeper pile, but the last time I did it, it all fit into three suitcases. Three suitcases!!

My priorities were bedding (blanket, pillows, sheets), workout clothing and gear (my profession and how I spend my days), going out clothing (this was allocated the least amount of space), one pair of dance shoes (my passion), and finally, toiletries and things I use daily (moisturizers that allegedly set the clock back, Bang & Olufsen headphones, my work computer, etc.).

Ohhhh, this takes a VERY long time to learn!!! And it is very, very, very HARD! You will struggle, you will be sad, you will regret, and the day after you discard something, you will ‘need’ it. It’s like a real break-up though, time heals and you care less. You’ll also be forced to go through every photo you’ve ever printed, so get ready for a trip down memory lane (these will need to be whittled down as well).

I highly recommend developing minimalist mantras, which you can say out loud daily…

  • To feel amazing, work on a kickass, strong, skillful body, instead of hoarding clothes.

  • I am a sporty traveler, and we are fantastic minimalists.

  • Or borrow mine … I’m light, I’m free, I’m moving forward with ease!

Let the light in. More space, more time, more laughter, more breath, more life, more YOU.

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