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Just Be!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

The Story Goes...

On my first day of my first visit to Mallorca, Spain, in 2010, there was a torrential downpour that lasted all day. Ugh. For a girl with constant ants in her pants who loves rainy adventures, this was an opportunity. I was in my beautifully remote hotel and the rain was not stopping. I tried to call a taxi, but was told there were none due to floods. I tried to rent a car which, duh, wasn't happening either (the woman at the desk looked at me like "which part of flood do you not understand?"). I asked if there was anything I could walk to, and once again got that "maybe she hit her head on something" look. I went back to my room and emailed my frustration to the girls of Team Lipstick. Help!!! One of them said ... "Laura, Just Be". It was as if she just responded in Japanese because I had no idea what she meant. I said "Ok", but what I meant was "WTF does that mean?". I eventually determined that it meant ... hang out with yourself for the day, make use of what is available, forgo the need to accomplish, attain, achieve, produce, or tackle anything whatsoever. Time was simply going to pass and I was simply going to JUST BE. To date, if I could have that day back I would be the most grateful human in the world. I sat on my balcony reading a book, I ate a burger with a gin tonic while chatting up the bartender using the 6 Spanish sentences I mastered, I sat in the jacuzzi, I walked around the hotel in my robe, I rented a movie and watched it in bed (Leon, The Professional ... sooooo good!!!), and finally, I slept. It is necessary to JUST BE once in a while, and if possible, for an entire day, alone ;)

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