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Description of the Property...


November might actually be our favorite month.  Mallorca is known for its beautiful coastline, secluded coves, limestone mountains, Spanish architecture, wineries, weekly markets, and stunning beaches.  In November you add the local harvesting of olives for oil, mushrooms for meals, honey for sweetness, and grapes for ... well you know ;)  To boot, prices are low and tourists have gone.


You are not a fan of crowds and tourism.  Temperatures in the 60's and 70's are your comfort zone (16-23 celcius).  Dining alfresco in a light sweater appeals to you.  Learning about olive oil production would be an incredible experience, along with visiting local markets to taste everything in season.  Historic walks in the old town, listening to stories from thousands of years ago, awakens your curiosity.  You love nature, hiking, exploring.  Shoulder seasons are your jam and saving money is music to your ears.  Those in the know, know that Autumn is exceptional.  Fun harvests and lively festivals abound, where you can mingle with the locals and immerse yourself in their way of life.

The Estate...

The Property

Outdoor patios, yoga decks, gazebo

7,100 square meters of land, full of trees and flowers.  Solar panels for power.  Two yoga decks ... one in the wooded area of the property, one next to the main house with a children's playground to boot.  A gazebo, a small pool, and so many patios.  There is also an outdoor cooking area with sink.


The Main House

Total Driving Time:  1:00 hour

Morning stretch class, coffee and breakfast.  Today we visit a beautiful village, where one of the weekly markets is taking place.  After a bit of shopping, we are introduced to a sustainable manufacturer who creates one of a kind bags from reclaimed textiles and old horse tack.  After designing your own bag, walk to lunch.  Next we visit the caves, a fascinating network of mysterious beauty with stalactites and stalagmites.  Dinner is back in your village.


The Blue Room

Total Driving Time:  1:30 hours

Morning stretch class, coffee and breakfast.  Today we hike to a historic monastery.  In the afternoon a special lunch is prepared outdoors, surrounded by nature, in a remote setting where the land is privately owned by the family who runs your hotel.  Dinner follows at a biodynamic wine farm where 25 generations have owned and cultivated the land.  We have a guided tour of what it means to produce wine biodynamically, a tasting of their varieties, and a breathtaking sunset BBQ.  

Can Feliu Jose 2.jpg

The Green Room

Total Driving Time:  2:00 hours

Morning stretch class, coffee and breakfast.  Today we visit two villages where olives and art reign supreme.  The first is home to 10,000 olive trees that have lived on the land for more than 7 centuries.  Here we have an "Invitation Only" lunch ... you have to know someone ;)  Next is a village with a truly enchanting position, surrounded by a dramatic amphitheater of mountains.  We explore art, architecture, history, and a picturesque little beach.  Dinner is a surprise!


The Casita

Total Driving Time:  2:30 hours

Morning stretch class, coffee and breakfast.  In the morning we head to one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca, to experience their weekly market of art, crafts, home goods and more.  After purchasing a few gifts for yourself, take a walk through some of their history.  The afternoon is then spent hiking along a beautiful coastline, where we have a delicious picnic prepared with local delicacies.  Dinner is in a restaurant owned by interior designers ... it's gorgeous!!

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 06.39.18.png

The Village of Costitx

Total Driving Time:  1:30 hours

Morning stretch class, coffee and breakfast.  Today we walk the streets of a village that is surrounded by the largest mountains in Mallorca.  Visit an art gallery, take photos in the square, stop for a walk through a beautiful Orange Orchard.  From here we continue with a hike through the mountains to arrive at a village popularly known as "the prettiest in all of Spain".  Lunch is served here.  Dinner is prepared by a private chef back at the hotel.  A dance party ensues for your final night in the mountains.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 14.43.23.png

Day 8 - Spa Services and Shopping

Total Driving Time:  0:00 hours  

Massage, Shopping, Sightseeing, Culture...

Yoga class, coffee and breakfast.  Located in a part of the hotel built in the 16th century, you will privately enjoy a small heated pool, solarium, sauna and a treatment cabin (1-2 guests at a time maximum).  Choose from a sumptuous selection of body, facial and massage treatments to help you relax.  The entire day is free for you to explore, sightsee and shop, as the hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the bustling centre.  Lunch is solo.  In the evening we have a beautiful dinner planned.  


Day 9 - Flamenco Show

Total Driving Time:  Up to you

Olive Fair, Flamenco Show, Farewell Dinner...

Sleep in, coffee and breakfast.  Guests have two options today ... another free day to walk and explore as you choose, or a 1:00 hour drive to one of the most popular festivals on the island - The Olive Fair.  If you choose to visit the Fair, you will taste olives and olive oil, try local delicacies, purchase authentic products such as teas, pottery, clothing, jewelry and more.  If you remain in Palma, we will help you to select activities.  In the evening we have a Flamenco show followed by farewell dinner.


Day 10 - Farewell

Total Driving Time:  30 minutes

Until Next Time...

Bid a reluctant yet grateful farewell to Mallorca.  You leave with the most exceptional memories, a fresh outlook on the future, and an all new set of FANTASTIC FRIENDS to boot!  Transport to Mallorca Airport will be arranged.



The journey begins in an absolutely beautiful, understated hotel.  It is located at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains, in a Spanish village, void of tourism, owned for centuries by a Mallorquin family.  Next we check in to a boutique hotel in Palma, located in the precious Old Town.  From here it is easy to walk to every unforgettable experience.

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