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Wellness Retreat in Mallorca


I went to Mallorca with Laura. Note that my bar is very high AND I grew up in Spain, and going to Mallorca every summer for 15 years of my life. 


1. The experience was superb, end to end. Every detail was organized to perfection, while still feeling relaxed and flexible. A hard balance. 

2. Although I knew Mallorca, the experience she curated introduced me to a completely new facet of the island. Hard to do with an audience like me.

3. Accommodations were TOP level. I am a very light and not great sleeper, and I felt comfortable (and actually slept better than I had in years). Moreover, I was living through debilitating chronic pain, and the accommodations made me feel like I was transported away from my reality. :) 

4. Everything that was advertised/promised was executed on. No bait and switches, no cutting quality from the promise at time of sale. (Laura LOVES quality!)

5. As a professional, Laura is incomparable. As a human, she is exceptional. Top of the food chain. She listens, can pivot on a moment's notice but is organized and structured. She is smart yet empathetic. 


Laura's events are creatively curated and exceptionally organized and managed; like none other. You can rest assured that you are in great hands with her.



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