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LeveledUP Experiences accepts bank transfers in the form of EURO ONLY.  We are a small company that prefers to spend money on our clients, as opposed to 3rd party fees.  As soon as we receive your deposit, you receive your first package from us as a thank you.


We highly recommend using Wise™ when sending USD 


The main benefit to having a Wise™ account over a traditional bank account is being able to manage your money without international transaction fees or inflated exchange rates.  The exchange rate offered is one of the highest possible, as it matches the actual rate of the day in more than 55 currencies.  You are more than welcome to use your own preferred method of money transfer as well, as long as it is in Euro.

Deposit:  1,000 Euro for all travel events



Laura Cozik

IBAN:  ES85 2100 0150 6802 0064 7653


Once we receive your deposit, we will send your first gift. 


Smart Banking For Travelers


Setting up a Wise™ account, or other means of using foreign currency when traveling, means you're prepared to explore the world, to spend money in all currencies, with the lowest possible fees.  We simply want to share what we learned along the way.  

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